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Land Tours

Usually day trips from Athens or Thessaloniki these tours are catered mostly to our country’s rich history and archaeological treasures.


Find yourself emerged in a long lost era as you enter the site of Olympia, home of the first Olympic Games. Without a doubt, the elegance of the Temple of Zeus will impress you as will the fact that one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the gold-ivory statue of Zeus, was once housed here. The sculptor Phidias who made the statue had his workshop in Olympia. Hera's temple served as a perfect setting for the famous statue of Praxiteles' Hermes perfectly preserved and now housed in the nearby museum. It is in the Museum where you can see the two pediments of the Temple of Zeus, amongst the finest examples of ancient Greek sculpture, a head of the Goddess Hera and finally, the statue of Hermes by Praxitelis.
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