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Special Interest

The following tours can be arranged in combination with each other, on their own or by combining them with one of our land programs. Contact us for a suggestion of combinations with your own personal style in mind!

Ceramic Workshop with lunch

Your tour takes you to the outskirts of the city driving through the affluent part of the Athenian suburbs of Kifissia, Ekali and Nea Erythrea. You will then reach the very seldomly open to the public workshop of Christina Morali. Morali is a ceramist who has received international acclaim for her work. She will guide you through her workshop, talk to you about the different techniques she uses and may even let you get a glimpse of her at work! This unique experience will be followed by a Greek style snack "meze" served in the lush garden surrounding the workshop, a building which is a work of art in itself.
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