TCA Travel Consultants of Athens
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About Us

Founded in 1973, TCA is a travel agency dedicated to serving the needs of the educated traveler- be it a private arrangement for newlyweds to a group comprising more than 100 guests. We are always eager to find the best suited hotels, local restaurants, expert guides and top class coaches all ensuring an out of the ordinary unforgettable trip. This is why we offer a variety of itineraries catering to first timers, returnees and those who have been in Greece several times and want to experience something different this time around. The personal touch to our guests has always been our trademark and our route to creating successful tours.

A great deal of importance is placed on operations and planning. TCA is in a position within the Greek marketplace whereby we can service our guests with our very own tour packages thus having full control over our product. We create each tour with the guest specifications in mind always in close cooperation with the guests themselves.

We pride ourselves on finding the ideal guide to suit each guest's needs. All the guides are not only fluent in English (most of them speak at least one more foreign language) but also knowledgeable in the local culture, history and current events in and around Athens.

Of course, as good as the guides may be, comfort is also an integral part of your experience. This is why we have teamed up with suppliers of the latest technology cars-from sedans for a more private approach, mini-vans for a unique family experience, to state of the art buses all of which will take you to your chosen destination quickly and effortlessly. After all, Greeks are renowned for their hospitality!

Specific client concerns such as dietary restrictions, limited mobility or travel with young children are treated in the most efficient way by our staff allowing you to simply relax and enjoy your holiday.

Throughout the years, we are proud to have developed a range of special interest tours catered exclusively to our guests' interests. Whether you are an Epicurean or wine connoisseur wishing to sample the real Greek cuisine and wines, a devoted Christian wishing to embark on a journey in the footsteps of St.Paul, are interested in the Post 2004 Olympics Athens , wish to discover the numerous Museums of Athens, or are intrigued by the world famous Athens music festival, we are certain we can provide the most suitable tour for your needs.

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