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Special Interest

The following tours can be arranged in combination with each other, on their own or by combining them with one of our land programs. Contact us for a suggestion of combinations with your own personal style in mind!

Athens Museum Tour

This tour will allow you to explore two of the smaller museums in Athens often overlooked by visitors. Each museum explores aspects of Greek history not largely known to the general public.

You will begin your tour with the Cycladic Arts Museum originally a private collection of the Goulandris family now an organization dedicated to the promotion and study of the Aegean and Cycladic culture. The museum, spread out on four floors (each one dedicated to a specific area of Greek history) houses marble statuettes, pottery, metal artifacts, glassware and an extensive collection of coins. The most popular exhibit is that of the marble figurines-mostly female forms whose abstract form has inspired many contemporary artists. You will explore Greek art from the 2nd millennium B.C. to the first centuries A.D.

You will then continue to the Benaki museum - another private collection-turned-museum which has recently become a Foundation, thus a great asset to the Greek state. The Benaki collection comprises artifacts from the Prehistoric period, covering the Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods up to 1922-year of the Asia Minor disaster. The Benaki collection also comprises a vast collection of garments from all around the country. Your tour will conclude with a lunch at the rooftop restaurant of the Museum.

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