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Special Interest

The following tours can be arranged in combination with each other, on their own or by combining them with one of our land programs. Contact us for a suggestion of combinations with your own personal style in mind!

Epicurean Adventure

Take a tour of Greece through its cuisine. Begin your tour by walking through a real-life cellar that leads you to this unique restaurant, Kioupia, one of the top 10 restaurants in the world according to the Guardian. Kioupia are, literally, big pots holding oil and there are plenty of them scattered around the restaurant.

The food which consists of 38 different dishes, is served in big platters and you can choose what you want to eat-and should you like something more than the others, you can have as much as you want of it! Your adventure in the Greek cuisine will begin with a sumptuous hot bowl of soup, followed by an array of appetizers from around the country. The attraction of the appetizers is the eggplant dip,melintzanosalata, which is prepared by the skillful personnel right in front of your eyes, literally, at your table.

After a lemon sherbet to cleanse your palate, you move on to the main course which consists of a vast selection of Greek meat cooked in the traditional way enriched with vegetables and freshly-cut fried in Greek olive oil fries. Hopefully, you will still have some space saved for dessert- a selection of syrup glazed pastries, mousses and ice creams and cakes. Your experience is further enhanced by a large selection of excellent quality Greek wines from the cellar you visited in the beginning of the tour.

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