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Special Interest

The following tours can be arranged in combination with each other, on their own or by combining them with one of our land programs. Contact us for a suggestion of combinations with your own personal style in mind!

Hellenic World Foundation with special lunch

Your tour starts with a comprehensive visit to the first interactive museum in Greece- the Hellenic World Foundation. The museum's uniqueness lies in the fact that the whole tour of it is done through interactive displays and there are no formal exhibits in it. You will get the chance to see the Acropolis as the ancient Greeks saw it-full of vibrant colorings and the gold-ivory statue of the Goddess Athena standing proudly in the middle of the Parthenon temple. Your tour will be conducted by the museum's knowledgeable guides who will make sure your journey into antiquity stays with you forever!

You will continue your Ancient Greek experience with a lunch at a one-of-a-kind restaurant featuring food eaten by the ancient Greeks! Writings from Plato, Isiodos and Ploutarch all include recipes of the ancient Greek cuisine and although tomatoes, potatoes, lemons, rice and sugar were not used, a variety of dishes specially prepared, help you get the real taste of the food eaten in the 5th century B.C. A truly unforgettable experience for the very discerning.

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