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Special Interest

The following tours can be arranged in combination with each other, on their own or by combining them with one of our land programs. Contact us for a suggestion of combinations with your own personal style in mind!

Atelier Vassiliou, Lalaounis Jewelery Museum

A unique event setting amid the works of one of the most reputed contemporary Greek painters, Atelier Vassiliou is the house where the artist used to live and it includes his workshop. This house- turned- museum, houses 120 works by the painter and also temporary exhibits from time to time. It is located just under the Acropolis across the Herodus Atticus Theater. After your guided tour of the museum, you will have time to relax in what used to be the family's dining room now converted to an intimate coffee shop for a short coffee break with cakes and cookies.

You will then proceed by foot on the newly converted Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian street just below the Acropolis, to the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. This is a one of its kind museum housing over 4,000 pieces of jewelry and miniature artifacts designed by the world famous Ilias Lalaounis from 1940-2000. The museum aims in promoting the world history of jewelry and there is an extensive collection of jewelry form different eras and civilizations. The museum is spread out in six thematic areas-the golden era of art, history of Greek jewelry, Art inspired from foreign civilizations, art inspired from nature, Art inspired from space, biology and technology and, last but not least, private collections and/or special assignments. You will also get the chance to see creaftsmen at work as you will peek into the museum's workshop!

* Tour may also be operated in reverse order

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